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Bathroom Renovation- A Hygienic & Comfortable Way of Living!

Bathroom renovation has always been a hushed topic. It is often a forgotten will whenever we talk about home renovation. We have all been laughed at while asking our second-grade teacher,’ may I use the washroom, miss?’ We don’t get it. Bathrooms deserve more recognition.

Bathroom renovation for the bathroom pet peeves!

Imagine going into a grand gala. Champaign, wine, and chocolate-covered strawberries fulfill your luxurious fantasies all the way.

You enter the washroom while sipping on your 100$ glass of champagne, only to find out the bathroom is dirty! It’s ugly, hideous, has wet floors, and does not meet the required hygiene standards. What could be a giant pet peeve than that? A dreadful nightmare for sure; this is where bathroom renovation comes to play. 

Why are bathroom renovation and remodeling necessary?

Bathroom renovation and remodeling are an underrated yet essential part of home renovation. It encourages home improvement. If we are sincere, bathrooms are where we spend most of our free and relaxing time.

Middle of the night right before the exam, and need a break?

Take your phone to the washroom, and scroll through TikTok until you realize the sun is hitting on your face. We have all been there, done that.

Just stepping into the shower on your day off is dreadful. However, once you go in, switch on the battery, get the water at the perfect temperature and rub your scalp with your favorite shampoo, stepping out of the shower seems more dreadful.

Everyone has a very oddly specific, weird yet cherished bathroom story. Further, to help you preserve those memories, your bathrooms must be remodeled up to the mark and hype. Also, remember them as daydreams, not nightmares.

How to make your bathroom more comfortable overall through remodeling:

Here are some ways you can ensure that your bathroom is comfortable, cozy, and hygienic:

Add a divider to your bathtub.

We cannot stress enough on this. You can get a partition for your bathtub; it gives you a sense of privacy.

Besides, it also keeps humidity and moisture away, which otherwise can cause dirty and disgusting fungal growth. No one wants to spend every day of your weekend trying to scrub your bathtub walls down.


The next thing to do is-

Add bathroom trays on tabletops.

If you have more than one family member living with you, add specific trays for them. If it’s just you, divide your soaps, body washes, scrubs, shampoos, etc.

It looks immaculate and organized. Further, it saves you a tonne of time, especially on a hectic Monday morning ( when you might be hungover too). Go full Mary kondo on your fixtures. Further, organize your toiletries in the institutions. It’s about time you start adulting.

Trust us; you won’t regret it.

We know this sounds odd but-

Include some furniture.

Think about it practically.

A bench where you can wipe yourself down after a long bath can go long. It lowers the chances of you slipping down. Also, it helps maintain sanitation throughout the bathroom.

Use small end tables.

It helps you store essential toiletries. Also, adding your favorite calming scented candle or even plants for a luxurious look can be an excellent investment for bathroom renovation.

After so much storage, you should start investing in shelving!

Living in a small apartment ( hello to New Yorkers) can give you a lot of spacing crises. No one wants their bathroom to look cramped and unorganized. Being imaginative and investing in shelving can make you more organized. Furthermore, it can prove to be monetarily effective in the long term.

Opt for a heated towel rack.

The heated towel rack will give you a dry, warm, and cozy towel and kill the harmful microbes at ranged temperatures. Also, it helps eliminate humidity and moisture from the bathroom, making it less prone to plaque deposition and fungal growth. It is especially useful in times like the covid pandemic, where you need to be extra careful with hygiene.

The bathroom is your safe place. Don’t let it become a place you end up hating.

How to proceed with a successful bathroom renovation?

To ensure that, make sure that the bathroom is renovated and resonates with it. Leaving that up to the professionals is a great choice.

A solo bathroom renovation will cost you a hefty amount of money, leaving you drained of energy. Save your vitality for the distressing meetings with your corporate bosses. Rely on the professionals to help you get to your dream bathroom set up.

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