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Wet Room or Standard Bathroom—Which Is Best?

Go for a wet room and ditch the traditional bathroom.

But! What is a wet room?

It is one of the hottest trends today. It features an open layout with waterproof surfaces. So, there is no need for an enclosure or a typical shower threshold. You can spray, splash and spritz to your heart’s content. Don’t worry about any damaging elements in the bathroom. It can

  • Add convenience
  • Save space
  • Make your property more valuable

Following Some Benefits, A Wet Room Can Bring To Your Home:

Easier Maintenance

A threshold or an enclosure is one of the toughest cleaning jobs to maintaining in a traditional bathroom.

So, getting rid of a threshold or enclosure is good. All that’s required are regular bathroom cleaners.

This appealing design makes wet rooms generally easier to maintain than standard bathrooms.

Better Accessibility

Whether or not you have someone in your house that needs greater accessibility, installing a wet room will ensure that your space will be useable for everyone.

Since there is no door or a threshold to the shower, it is ideal for people with limited mobility. So, the disabled or older people can more readily use the wet room without being confined in a narrow shell or stepping over a threshold.

Young children also find it easier to maneuver. So it is usable and accessible for everyone in your family.  

A More Luxurious and Contemporary Look

Undoubtedly, a wet room transforms your bathroom into a trendy and luxurious bathroom. You can use a variety of materials to alter the look you want.  

You have many options, from wood to concrete to stone, to add some sense of wow to your home. Here are a few ideas for on-trend luxe wet rooms:

If you want a spa-like feel, use bright white fixtures, tiles, flooring, and clear glass. At the same time, rich wood and matte black can be dramatic and masculine.  

With bamboo windowsills and mirror frames, river rocks can be used on the wall for a nature theme.

You can also opt for sealed concrete on the walls and floor. It is a minimalist statement in contemporary style wet rooms.

Furthermore, sea glass in ocean-inspired hues of green, blue, coral, and aqua make a lovely mosaic in a shower or wet room wall.

So, numerous waterproof materials are available for your wet room installation. You need to contact with certified bathroom remodeler!  

More Space

Whether you choose a tub layout, shower, or both, the design of wet rooms naturally creates an illusion of more space in your bathroom.

The glass-walled allows for a seamless view of the area than a bulky shower enclosure.  

It is great for bathrooms with low square footage. In addition to it, wet rooms take up little space. It is best to consult with a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to make the best use of your space.

Adds Value to Your Home

Since waterproofing makes it less susceptible to leaks and water issues, the wet rooms add value to your home. Its beauty is also a significant selling point for potential buyers. It gives your home the modern vibe of today’s trend.

So, it can be an attractive selling feature when you are ready to sell your home.

The Final Thoughts

So, you should consider installing a wet room in your bathroom for all these reasons. It can be a great addition to your home.

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