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Top 5 Benefits Of High-Quality Basement Conversions

Basement conversion has been rising in popularity over the past few years. With residential space in Colorado at a premium and house prices increasing rapidly, many homeowners are increasingly considering extending their current homes. Rather than buying a new property or opting to move, they boost their existing living space. A basement conversion is a remarkable home improvement to increase the functionality of your property. Also, it adds more space and gives a real wow factor. So, you will be able to increase your home’s value in the market if you decide to sell your property in the future.

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Following are some of the essential benefits of getting a high-quality basement conversion:

More Space

The basement is often overlooked in many properties. It is because they are mainly used for hoarding old items. A basement conversion can add an entirely new dynamic to the home. You can use newfound space to create an entertainment space or a workout room. Also, it can use as a spare bedroom for when guests stay over. You can use the basement as a reading room if you have a large family.

Better Value for Money

The basement conversion is considered the cheapest home improvement that increases space. This is what many contractors and homeowners believe. Basements typically already have all structural walls in place compared to other house extensions. It does not require more restructuring work. Apart from the interior remodeling costs and waterproofing, a basement conversion represents real value for money. You will achieve better value and a larger area to work with, with the basement conversion services provided by BTBT Home Renovators.

Better Insulation and Damp Proof

In the past, basement conversions have been seen as temperamental areas. Also, the risk of damp problems was relatively high and costly. Though, it’s not a problem now with more advanced construction methods. Professional tanking and waterproofing will give you a splendid and damp-free space. It can also provide better overall insulation for your property. The space retains heat, thus, making it easier to control the temperature effectively.

Great Resale Value

It’s always beneficial to keep an eye on the resale value even if you do not sell your property immediately. Indeed, a basement conversion can add a unique selling point to your home. Many buyers would more likely purchase a property with a fitted basement. Our professionals not only add value but also make your home appealing and beautiful.

Many homeowners convert their basements into rentable bedrooms to make a monthly residual income.

No Planning Permission

Generally, basement conversion won’t require planning permission. It does not require any modifications to the exterior of the property.


If you are:

  • Building a new basement
  • Adding windows or an entrance to the front
  • Need to dig up areas of the pavement or road

Then, planning permission will be required. So, all conversions will have to comply with building regulations.

Plan Your Basement Conversion with BTBT Home Renovators

No doubt, a basement conversion is a fantastic way to add value and space to your home. You can have an extraordinarily useable and inspiring space with creative thought and help from your builder.

Are you looking for a basement conversion to create a functional or comfortable space under your property? Whether you currently have space, we have the perfect solution for you.

BTBT Home Renovators can take care of all aspects of bespoke basement conversions. We cover everything from the design, excavation of core base, waterproofing, tanking, and construction to fit-outs and renovation of existing cellars and basements. Our construction team will undertake the whole fit-out phase of the basement conversion project. The main advantage of our service is that you can work with a single group of experts under one roof. Contact us now!