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7 Exterior Renovations That Make Your Home More Valuable

Exterior renovations enhance the look and value of your property. They offer recreational benefits, and a few upgrades produce a return on investment. If you want to renovate your exterior and build equity simultaneously, below are a few ideas that can guarantee to boost the value of your property.

Build an outdoor fire pit

An outdoor fire pit helps to warm you up during the cold season. It has functions and advantages that you can benefit from all year round. A custom outdoor fire put adds a timelessly elegant look and makes a perfect place to relax. It is an excellent space for leisure on warm days and provides warmth on chilly nights. An outdoor firepit is an affordable investment. You won’t spend more with the right budget plan than you think. 

Replace your garage door

Upgrading your garage door will provide various benefits to your home exterior. You might think that your current garage doors are good enough. But upgrading them will significantly boost your curb appeal and home value. Replacing your garage door is good if it is old or damaged. The garage door affects the whole look of your home’s exterior. Installing a new garaging door will have more benefits, including your home value. 

Replace your front door

A new front door is one of the best improvements you can make when renovating your home exterior. If it offers a potential ROI of around 75%. The following are the ways to increase home value with front doors

  • Paint the front door
  • Choose a door with mass appeal
  • Choose a quality front door

Add a deck

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, consider installing an attached or detached wood deck. Outdoor decks will make the perfect spot for grilling, sunbathing and entertaining. They are also a major selling point. Home renovation projects can recoup anywhere from 50% to 80% of their cost. However, multiple studies estimate that ROI for patios and decks can exceed 100% based on the size and materials used.

Install a backyard patio

Installing a patio expands and enhances your home exterior. Patios increase the value of your home. They are a good way to add curb appeal with their landscape design additions. However, patio installation is not for casual DIYers. If the patio DIY goes wrong, big issues can crop up. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional.

Invest in an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a feature that could seal the deal. It adds value to your home more than its cost. Other home extensions where costs can skyrocket, but a well-designed, functional outdoor kitchen can be less expensive. It is recommended to keep it simple to guarantee the best ROI.

Fix the façade

Replacing the exterior of your home may sound huge and expensive project. However, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve home value. The façade sets the style and character of the home. It gives an idea to the buyer of what to expect from the rest of the home. Facade plays an important role in forming a buyer’s first impression. Therefore, it should feature a neat presentation with well-maintained gardens. 


Outdoor space is expected to be suitable for relaxing and entertaining. Exterior renovations increase the value of your home. Also, It is a fantastic method to increase the asking price and allows potential buyers into the front door to see the rest of your magnificent home.

The value of your home increases if you make any of the above upgrades. Additionally, the curb appeal is increased if the exterior is modernized. Improve your home exterior with BTBT Home Renovators. We have the best exterior designers who can create that unique magic while designing your space.