8 Obvious Signs That Your Home Needs Renovation

Home renovation is both exciting and challenging. There are numerous reasons why your home needs renovation. With time, people change, and so do their needs and preferences. Thus, the house needs to be altered or upgraded according to their tastes. Other reasons are wear and tear and the need for more space. Also, the need for resale can pose a need for home renovations. 

Pay close attention to your house. There may be obvious signs telling you when your home needs renovations. 

Below mentioned are a few of those signs.

Leaking roof   

One sign that your home might need renovation is a leaking roof. The home roof is the first layer of protection. Most homeowners ignore it, thinking that it is harmless. Also, they think that it is a time-consuming job to replace the roof. 

A leaking roof can cause severe damage to your home. Therefore, it is essential to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, if you have noticed a water stain on your ceilings, it is an obvious sign that it needs attention. 

Worn out floors

Quality flooring makes your home feel more luxurious and comfortable. Although, it is the one part of the house that constantly endures stress. Whether the floors are tiled, wooden, or carpeted, they need attention after a certain period. Tile flooring loses its grout, and wooden flooring starts to buckle and shift. Thus, they are signs that they may need renovation.

When grout around tiles fails and cracks, it’s a sign to fix or renovate. When wood floors start to buckle, that could mean that your home’s foundation is shifting. Therefore, it requires immediate attention.


If you have termites, it is another sign for renovation. Termite infestation means that the materials used in your home are substandard. Termites cause great damage to your house. Also, they are challenging to get rid of. They spread into different parts of the house when you leave them unattended. 

Need for more space

When your family is growing, you may feel that the house is shrinking. Also, you may feel it is small and congested. The house becomes messy and unorganized. Hence, it is a sign that your home needs renovation to make more space. 

Need to modernize

The housing industry keeps on changing, just like fashion. A home built long ago might not cut in modern times. If you are a trendy person, you want to modernize your house. You might want to renovate your home to achieve a modern and fresh look.

Worn out wall paint

Paint gives life to your home. Constant exposure to sunlight, dirt, and other chemicals may affect wall paint. Wall paint chipping is a sign that it needs attention. Hence, the solution is to repaint. Also, a new paint coating on your walls will help reduce the need for a pre-painting job.

Outdated house design

People love to keep their homes trendy with the innovation and new trends developing in housing. If your house design looks old, then you might want to renovate. The renovation offers to give the house a new and fresh look. Thus, it becomes easier when you want to sell the house in the future. 

Thinking about selling your house

If you think of selling your house, you might need to consider the home renovation first. Upgrading your home can increase the value. Also, it keeps you in a position to get money when you sell. However, even if you are not willing to sell, home renovation gives you a chance to live in an updated house.


Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs, it is strongly suggested that you consider a home renovation as soon as possible. Contact Been There Built That Pro Home Renovators if you don’t know where to start. We are your trusted home renovators. We are a team of enthusiasts providing a quality solution for all your Individualized renovation needs.

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