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General Contractor: How to Find Right Licensed Contractor

It is essential to find a licensed general contractor to remodel your home. They handle your project professionally and securely. Usually, working with an unlicensed contractor is a risky business. They may break the contract or do some shoddy work. 

Additionally, the contractor may not cover any liability during the renovation project. Your project may stall in the case of such instances. If an unlicensed general contractor handles your project, your insurance will not cater to any injury or damage. BTBT Home Renovators is a professional and licensed general contractor. Since we understand the importance of your remodeling project, we have complied with the crucial steps to help you avoid the contractual liabilities.

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Verify the Contractor’s License

The first thing to verify the contractor’s validity is to check his active license. Find out if they have any lawsuits against their company or have a safety or construction citation. Also, review the contractor’s business name to check whether it matches the provided information.  

It’s worth noting that many licensed contractors like BTBT Home Renovators are competent, hardworking, honest, and financially responsible. We are transparent general contractors and will never give you contradicting information. We can’t compromise your trust and reputation.  

Check How Long the Contractor has Been in Business

Funding a complete home remodeling project is a significant investment and requires a high level of commitment. So, try to find a remodeling contractor who is well-versed in the business. They will know how to navigate the remodeling process smoothly. Further, they can manage arising situations professionally and quickly. 

Trust BTBT Home Renovators experts if you plan to revamp your home. If you are searching for a “general contractor near me,” we will be your first choice. We have a dependable and trustworthy team. They are committed to truthfulness and abide by ethical business standards. We know how to bring your dream to life. We give you a stress-free, positive, and most enjoyable remodeling project.  

Check if They Have Experience Dealing with Permits and Inspections

Some home renovation plans can change your home’s structure. So, an experienced and licensed general contractor should know about the relevant inspection and permit you will need. They are experts, so they should also handle the details. Also, they can manage the situation better. 

Verify the Contractor’s Telephone Number and Business Location

If the contractor has:

_ Valid and operational contact number

_ Business location 

Then, he is licensed and a good contractor. Ask yourself if you want to reach your contractor through phone, email, or text? 

A reliable licensed general contractor must have a working telephone number, email, and business location. If a contractor lacks either of these, you must consider that a red flag. It isn’t easy to trace the contractor in such cases. 

Check if there is a Warranty for Their Services

Experienced and competent contractors believe in their services. They will be willing to offer a long-term warranty for all their services. Before the project kicks off, remember to check what the warranty covers.  

It will help to deal with unexpected situations if they are not included in the warranty. Make sure to ask for your copies of warranties. It ensures they are accessible whenever you need them. 

At BTBT Home Renovators, we have more than 25 years of building experience. We ensure that you get expert, durable, and safest remodeling services. We provide a warranty for all the projects we handle to completion.

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