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Home Addition Project: Factors That Can Affect the Schedule

Many people prefer to build a home addition to their home than buy a new one. It is the best option if you still have space available. A home addition project is exciting and a great refresher to your home.

It’s trying to make something new out of the old or turn a room into something unique. Our professionals have extensive years of experience in turning your dreams into reality.

It’s crucial to create a timeline estimate for a home addition project. At BTBT Home Renovators, our team is flexible and can plan according to your schedule. We will make sure delays are kept to an absolute minimum. Following are some common factors that we need to consider when creating a timeline.

The Size of Your Home and the Scope of the Home Addition

Are you thinking about adding a room to your house? Is your home required structural changes? Each change requires time and effort.

Changes in Home Addition Design

You can change your mind on the home addition design at any time. Although, design alternation can delay your renovation project. But an experienced contractor should be able to adapt to the situation. We advise you on a new timeline based on the changes.

The Weather

Weather is an essential factor that can affect even the best-laid plans. However, our contractors work through all kinds of weather, like cold snaps and storms. They will take physical effects into account to prevent extremes and make the most use of available resources to meet project deadlines.  

Following are the adjustments for weather variations:

Extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures affect the paint and concrete. It can impact the timeframe of the home addition project. If the temperature drops below freezing, the crew may need to take a break for quality and safety’s sake.

Rain, Snow, and Hail

Sometimes it’s not feasible to work in the rain for an extended period. Excess rain can affect the foundation from being laid. But once the foundation dried, most of the schedule would remain unaffected. It is because most of the work will have moved inside.

How to Make Home Addition Project Move Faster

Though the team includes your architect, builder, and work teams, you are in charge of your home renovation at the end of the day. Some factors are beyond your control during the home addition project. But you can help your project stay on schedule by doing the following things:

Choose the Right Home Addition Contractor

The forefront of every aspect of your home addition is your contractor. A professional who can execute your design precisely will ensure the completion of the project on time. Get experienced contractors at BTBT Home Renovators. We have home addition experts, and they work best.

Have Regular Project Meetings with Your Contractor

To keep everything on track, conduct regular meetings with sit crews, project managers, and contractors. It will help you to understand what’s going on. This way, you can point out what’s not right. So it can be corrected before the work goes any further.

Are You Ready For Your Next Home Addition Project?

The best way to start your home addition project is to consult with BTBT Home Renovators. We have qualified and experienced contractors. We have a reputation for delivering in the shortest time possible. So, our professionals have a track record of remarkable performance. It sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We will help you with every project step, from planning and design to completion. Contact us now!