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Interior Renovation: 8 Simple Ways To Expand Small Spaces

Sometimes it can be hard to find new ways to increase the size of your home. It is more challenging if you live in a small space. But, with the right interior renovation company, you can get many ideas for expanding your small space without spending too much on renovations.

Here are a few simple ways to expand smaller spaces.

1. Remove unnecessary walls:

Removing unnecessary walls is the most inexpensive way to make your small space feel larger. This step will allow extra storage and provide the space needed for living comfortably in your small area. The idea of eliminating unnecessary walls is cost-effective for interior renovation. Also, it doesn’t take much time.

2. Mount shelves and cabinets

Another great way to maximize the space is by adding cabinets. The cabinets can be added to the kitchen, bedroom, or home office. Also, maximizing the space within the walls by adding cabinetry provides easy to reach storage solution. The previously unused wall now turns out to be a perfect storage solution.

3. Use the closets for storage

Renovating your closets will allow for more storage space. Closet renovation is a great way to make the most out of a small room. This step will enable you to add more storage for the clothes, shoes, and other items. Another way is to dd built-in drawers, which will create an illusion that the closet has become large and adds the benefit of more space.

4. Paint your walls a light color

The popular idea to make your room feel bigger is to paint your walls light-colored. If you are not comfortable with a single color for your apartment, select three different shades with varying degrees of brightness. This step creates an illusion of space.

5. Use mirrors to reflect more space

Mirrors make a small space seem larger when you place them strategically. Placing a mirror opposite the window will reflect more light into the home. In smaller rooms, add standard-size decorative wall mirrors to double the amount. This idea works more effectively with much natural lighting coming through the windows.

6. Use staircase storage

Staircase storage is another perfect solution. It accommodates things like boxes, laundry baskets, spare furniture, and many more. If the staircase has two to three steps, the top storage can be used to store bulky items. Extra space can be created using stackable bins. Staircase storage is an amazing way of utilizing the space.

7. Use the Right Furniture

Going in a compact and minimalistic approach saves a lot of space. While doing the interior renovations, keep your furniture and appliances simple without making them too crowded or cluttered. One way not to make the furniture cramped is to make sure not to group them. Choosing multi-functional furniture can add more storage to your smaller space.

8. Take advantage of sliding doors

Swinging doors usually occupy a lot of space. One great solution to this problem is installing sliding doors. Installing sliding doors will also add functionality and style to any room. This step will allow to free the space in any room and add an elegant feel. Also, the glass sliding doors will allow natural light to come in.


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