patio vs. deck

Patio vs. Deck: Which is the Right Outdoor Space for You?

Patios and decks both make the most of your outdoor living space. They allow you to cook, party and rest. Decks are elevated buildings with a support system, while patios are put directly on the ground. Both are amazing options for establishing a relaxing and comfortable outdoor living area. So, patio vs. deck, which one is better and why?

Both have many advantages. Homes with these two additions have better resale values. Houses are more appealing to purchasers than those without. Patio vs. deck? You are not alone if you can’t decide between a patio and a deck. Let’s check some of the essential differences between patios and decks. So, you can pick the one that’s right for your property.

Patio vs. Deck: What’s The Difference?

Both patios and decks are excellent additions to your outdoor living space. But there are a few significant differences. Patios are typically built of stone, concrete, or cement, while decks are usually composed of wood, wood-look vinyl, or composite material.


A concrete-based outdoor dining area that is flat with the ground is a patio. Though concrete is the most common patio building material, you can also use stone, pavers, gravel, and other materials.

One of the most crucial factors to consider is whether or not your surface is level if you’re considering building a patio or deck. Patios are built on the ground, so they must be on a flat surface. Otherwise, you might level the ground by shoring it up. Modern-day patios may include party features such as built-in barbecues, fire pits, and seating areas. This makes them ideal for relaxing and socializing.


A raised structure that typically attaches to your home is a deck. The deck attaches to the pool for a seamless transition in the case of decking around the pool. So, the decks can be built on rocky and uneven terrain because they are above ground level.

It’s necessary to stain or seal wooden decks yearly. This keeps them in good shape. There are numerous options for selecting the best decking material: bamboo, cedar, redwood, mahogany, Ipe, and pressure-treated pine. So, both patios and decks are great options for outdoor living. These spaces provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing and entertaining with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors.

Decks Can Deliver A Great View, While Patios Tend To Provide More Privacy

The views from your patio or deck depending on your home’s location and surrounding environment. Though decks usually offer better views than patios due to elevation. From a deck, you can look out into your backyard. You can also see into the horizon, a particularly appealing choice if you live near water.

With a patio, you might be stuck staring at the back of your neighbor’s home, depending on what surrounds your property. Yet, patios built close to the house and low to the surface can offer more privacy than a deck, mainly if enclosed with walls or a roof.

Patio vs. Deck? Ready To Decide?

We hope this comparison has provided you with a better knowledge of the issues involved in deciding between a patio and a deck. They both give a favorable return on investment. Moreover, they offer limitless opportunities for simply relaxing or entertaining in an outdoor setting.

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