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Seven Signs Your House May Need A Roof Replacement

Your house may require roof replacement when the roof naturally reaches the end of its useful life. A roof is not something where you go and check it every day. So, it’s hard to know when you might need a roof replacement. The problems arise when you forget to maintain the roof. Experts suggest that it is essential to check for any signs of roof damage at least twice a year. That way, you can ensure to get the repairs done one time. Also, finding the cracks sooner can save you from a lot of trouble and money in the long run. 

Below discussed are the signs that your roof could need replacement. 

Water damage or leaks

The most common sign that your roof needs a repair or replacement is a leak. Even a small leak can grow and cause a significant problem if neglected for an extended period. It may also cause damage to your property and possessions. Hence, you need to fix the damage at the first sign of the leak.

The sagging ceiling

Many people assume that a sagging ceiling is not an issue. It indicates that a leak in the roof is causing moisture in the ceiling and has not been identified. A sagging ceiling can be touched and felt by a hand. If it feels soft, it is most likely because of the excess moisture from a leak.

It is over a certain age

Your roof needs a replacement if it is older. Ensure to get it examined to determine when a replacement may be required. Also, if you have purchased the house not knowing the roof was replaced, your neighbors will replace their roofs at a similar frequency. Experts recommend not to wait till leakages appear on the roof.

You notice decaying shingles

Roofs made of wood may rot once they reach the end of their life. Shingles become brittle and decay over time. They can be replaced upon inspection. Cracked, curled, or falling shingles are a sign of replacement. Complete replacement may be necessary if a lot of shingles are decayed. 

It has sustained wind or hail damage

At times, high wind speeds can rip the shingles off the roof. The shingles may go missing after a storm or high-speed winds. That’s when the shingles need replacement to prevent further damage. When the shingles go missing, the exposed area is more prone to damage and leaks. The hailstones can cause small dents in the shingles, which leads to leakage.

Moss and mold growth

Another sign one needs to check out is moss and mold growth. If mold and moss have grown on your roof, the chances are high that the tiles could force them apart. This will also create a gap that lets the water in. Examine your roof and check for the signs like rotting, moss, or mildew. Try to fix it as soon as you can. Neglecting it will only cause the growth of bacteria and fungus. Hence, it will cause water damage. Your roof may need complete replacement if too many problematic moldy areas.

Loose roof tiles 

During the roof examination, check to see whether any of your roof tiles are loose. By gently stepping on them and checking their state, you will be able to know whether they need repair. Consider Roof replacement if you spot a couple of missing or lose fitted tiles.


The weather and natural wear and tear can cause roof damage if left unattended. Suppose you suspect that your roof could need replacement, contact BTBT Home Renovators. We will help you to replace your roof professionally at affordable prices.

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