7 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

7 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in your home. It is the place that nourishes your body and prepares you for the day’s ordeals. Therefore, it is only fair to regard this room with honor.

We compiled some ideas that you can implement when designing your new kitchen or remodeling it. Even if you plan to change the floor plan for the entire kitchen or add some stainless-steel appliances to its functionality, a kitchen makeover is a great investment.

1. Use Bold Cabinet Designs.

Although you may not think so, cabinets can make quite a statement in your kitchen. Lower or upper cabinets can add an aesthetic appeal to the whole space. You can use simple wood or white cabinets to make your small kitchen appear more prominent. But why stop there when you can customize your kitchen cabinets to reflect your style.

2. Use Uncommon Shelving And Storage Spaces.

Gone are the days of open shelving and boring storage spaces. You can liven up your kitchen and elevate its functionality with new interior design plans and innovative kitchen remodeling ideas.

If you have a large kitchen, you can install befitting cabinetry and a kitchen island with storage and implement hanging storage facilities for easier access. This works even well in a small kitchen as there is limited space for cabinetry, and there might not be enough space for a kitchen island.

Thus, hanging open shelves or innovative kitchen renovation can provide the much-needed storage spaces without compromising your idea of a modern sleep kitchen or overloading your countertops.

3. Add a Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is an inevitable part of cooking exquisite meals for your family. You can’t control the sputtering and splatters, but you can prevent them from destroying your beautiful white kitchen, the subway tile on the back wall, or even the wood panels.

A tile backsplash is ideally located strategically to control the imminent moisture and grime from ruining your new kitchen.

These structures can be pre-installed or even used as temporary measures while cooking. Innovative kitchen solutions and interior designs can facilitate removable tile backsplashes.

Ideally, you can also use wax or laminate to protect the walls and the backsplash as an added measure to keep your kitchen shiny and clean.

4. Install Advanced Stainless-Steel Appliances

Most appliances these days implement stainless steel for its durability, hygiene, and tensile strength. Commonly used wood-burners, steel grates, iron, and other materials used in the past, were usable but not reliable.

Stainless steel appliances are hardy and sleek. They withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures, but they are easier to clean. You may not always have the time to scrub those burners and spilled food, especially if they dry from the heat.

But with stainless steel appliances, a quick wipe is enough to remove the residue and stains, leaving your kitchen spotless. Not to mention, they add a modern feel to your kitchen design, besides the high-end functionality.

5. Add A Touch Of Metallic Hardware.

Metallic structures add flair to your kitchen design. Whether it is a contemporary kitchen or a modern kitchen, or even one with a rustic theme, metallic hardware fits into everything.

Sure, that farmhouse sink looks appealing with its marble or granite finish. But a stainless-steel metallic sink merges in with your appliances with ease. You can also add a stainless steel faucet further to increase the aesthetic value of your new kitchen.

Since the kitchen sink suffers the worst, stainless steel helps keep it protected. It won’t rust easily, and the stains come off with ease, thus leaving your kitchen clean and hygienic for an extended time.

6. Implement Statement Décor

The kitchen is such an essential part of your household. It deserves a décor worthy of its valor.

Implementing artwork and ostentatious decorative pieces in this space may seem irrelevant, but you can still liven it up with fixtures and lighting for added effect.

You can create a statement with some tall bar tools around the kitchen island and convert the space into a mini-bar with a shaker and some jars of assorted ingredients.

You can also use pendant lights for mood lighting for date night or some neon lights for party time.

These décor pieces are small and almost negligent unless they are in use. They are subdued, so they don’t get in the way while you move around your kitchen in a hurry. But they do add an aesthetic appeal, so your kitchen looks beautiful and keeps on par with the rest of your home décor.

7. Make A Place For Everything.

A kitchen makeover is a perfect opportunity to redefine the functionality of your kitchen. Everything in your kitchen should have a purpose. If it doesn’t, then it has no reason to be there. Choose your upper cabinets wisely to accommodate the necessities such as plates, bowls, and everything else you need instantly.

You can choose pull-out or open shelves for the lower cabinets and store the unbreakable things there. Remember to ensure that you don’t keep any hazardous materials as they are easily accessible to children.

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