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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Dream Kitchen

One of the most used rooms of any home is the kitchen. Some of the most frequent mistakes people make while renovating their dream kitchen are choosing impractical materials, underestimating the renovation time, and prioritizing design over functionality. However, here are a few tips you can avoid making, which other homeowners often make. 

1. Not Setting Priorities

Prioritize your and your family’s needs before selecting tiles, countertops, and layout. One can prioritize things by having the answers to simple questions like how many hours you spend in a day in the kitchen. Do you need any extra storage? What are the electrical appliances you need in the dream kitchen? Remember, it becomes easier to know what you need if you are clear about your lifestyle, needs, and must-haves. 

2. Overlooking the storage

Your kitchen should be all about functionality. The kitchen is where everything from meal prep to enjoying the culinary process takes place. People always tend to neglect when it comes to storage space. One of the most common mistakes people make while renovating a kitchen is overlooking the storage. They underestimate the amount of room they would need. Thanks to innovative home renovators, storage can now be tailored to accommodate everything in particular spaces. There are many options when it comes to storage, like open shelves, storage, cabinets, etc. 

3. Ignoring the Natural light and ventilation

Some homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the lighting leaving the kitchen area too dark. Trying to make the kitchen too functional, they avoid natural ventilation. According to the experts, this happens due to focusing more on the work areas and neglecting other spaces. The kitchen must receive the most natural light if you spend many hours of the day cooking. 

4. Relying on visuals more than functionality

The biggest mistake in the kitchen is prioritizing visuality over functionality. Hence, while renovating, ensure that you choose a floor that is resistant to stains and moisture and can be easily cleaned. You can choose wallpapers specially designed for humid areas and can go with selecting a countertop that will withstand heat, odor, and any spills in the kitchen. 

5. Forgetting about the current architecture of the kitchen

When you are remodeling the kitchen, it is essential to remember the height of the windows, the false ceilings, and the depth of the partitions. In addition, it is also important to take passage ducts into account. Try not to choose finishes, colors, or products that may look odd in the existing scheme.

6. Installing the cabinets before flooring

The order of installation is important. Experts recommend installing the floors after the cabinetry when possible. Installation of cabinets on top of hardwood floor comes with at least two problems. One is it becomes hard to remove the floors without damaging the cabinets, and the second is that the floor loses the ability to expand. Also, installing the floors after cabinets minimizes the risk that the floors will be damaged from the cabinet installation.

7. Ignoring kitchen triangle

Regardless of how stylish your kitchen design is, it won’t be functional if your appliances are too far from away from each other. Ideally, there should be a chef’s triangle between your stove, sink, and appliances so that there are all reachable within a few feet of one another. Installing these primary work elements close to each other makes the kitchen more efficient and functional. 

Renovate your dream kitchen with BTBT Home Renovators

Avoid common mistakes and have fun with your beautifully designed and practical kitchen. After all, your kitchen will be one of the busiest spaces in the house, where your entire family and friends get together to create unforgettable memories.

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