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Deck Renovation Ideas to Modernize Your Space

Are you planning a deck renovation project? It is an exciting experience, but you may wonder where to start. Before you start, you will want to choose a project that matches your family’s needs.

Deck Renovation Ideas

Many deck renovation ideas are simple. They don’t include more complex elements. However, a well-built and enduringly beautiful deck will take care and time to construct. Moreover, it will take thoughtful planning and execution. These ideas are an excellent way to upgrade your deck’s overall look and feel. We strongly recommend you work with BTBT Home Renovators.

There are several ways you can design your outdoor area with the help of a BTBT contractor. We help to make the most of your space. You can change the shape of your deck and stairs for a seamless flow to your yard. Also, you can install new deck boards for a richer tone.

Get a True Decking Upgrade With BTBT Home Renovators

Choosing BTBT Home Renovators for your deck renovation project means you will get an enduringly beautiful outdoor living space. We build highly durable and easy-to-maintain decks. So you can enjoy your deck without stressing about when it will need maintenance.

Moreover, it can improve your home’s value, and you can enjoy your deck while saving money in the long term.

Replace or Add a Railing

The railing is one of the most critical safety features on your deck. Wood railing can deteriorate over time from weathering agents and moisture damage. It becomes more and more unstable. You can ensure your family’s safety by replacing or adding a railing to your deck. It will also add a refined touch to your outdoor space. We offer easy-to-install deck options, and we won’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Extend Your Deck

Are you planning to extend your outdoor living space? Remember that this project will become more difficult as your deck’s shape becomes more complex.

But don’t worry! We have professional contractors who will make your deck renovation smooth and stress-free.

Add Stairs

Add a flight of stairs if you have a balcony-style deck. Stairs give you a seamless transition to your backyard. It is a stylish addition to your deck if you embrace spiral, angled, or curved options.

Add Deck Lighting

Deck lights improve safety and add ambiance to your deck. It also increases the visibility of your deck’s stairs and perimeter.

In-Deck Lighting Ideas

In-deck lights are placed within your deck’s surfaces and stairs. It adds an elegant glow that will illuminate edges for added safety.  

Railing Light Ideas

Rail light illuminates your perimeter. It includes post-cap lights, accent lights, and under-rail lighting. So, different rail lighting options are compatible with specific railing systems.

Renovate Your Deck with BTBT Home Renovators

The best deck renovation ideas combine sophisticated design and your family’s needs. Whether you want to extend your deck, add ambient lighting, or put in new deck boards, our contractors will help you find the right design for your outdoor space.

We offer deck and patio design to bring your vision to life. Our expert team will first design what you have in mind to capture everything you want. Then our contractors will build your custom structure using the best quality products. Connect with our professionals today to bring your deck renovation ideas to life.