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Small Home Renovations That Can Create a Huge Impact

Many homeowners think of massive projects that require big budgets and excessive amounts of time when they hear the word home renovations. They might also consider the inconvenience of being displaced from their home before settling on the fact that we can’t afford to do that.  

Do you think maybe now isn’t the right time?

There is a range of small home renovations that can make a significant impact. It can effectively achieve your desired goals for your home.

Living Rooms 

We’ll spend hours of our time in the living room after work. It is a gathering place for the entire family.

Do you decide to make changes to this place? It really makes logical sense because we spend so much time there. So, it’s instantly going to impact how we perceive our home.

Adopting an open floor is a great renovation idea to transform your living area. To conserve energy, rooms were built quite tight traditionally. However, these days new home buyers want large and light-filled rooms.

So, consider removing an interior non-load-bearing wall if you have an adjoining room that you don’t mind sacrificing.

You’ll be amazed at the results!

You can add new windows, update your flooring, or even refresh the entry room door. These small home renovations can have a big difference.


Updating your bathroom is one of the best ways to refresh and update the functionality of your home when you are thinking about small home renovations. All of us desire a luxurious and calming qualities bathroom.


The reality is that it can be achieved without blowing the budget.  

You can opt for wall-mounted taps or consider updating your taps. It will allow you to save on space. New designs will increase the functions at your disposal as well as the aesthetics of the area.  

Do you want to update your lighting options? Automation is now more accessible than ever before. So, you never have to worry about leaving lights turned on.  

Most importantly, you’ll want to update your shower. Don’t panic. We have the best bathroom remodeling contractors. They will understand your unique needs and provide solutions that match you and are within your budget.


No doubt, the kitchen is the heart of your home. We know it’s a place of our childhood memories and strong family bonding. Here, functionality is first and foremost.

Imagine installing a breakfast bar in your kitchen. You’ll get massively in storage and create a new place to dine. Also, new cabinetry will give your kitchen a fresh feel. In this way, you will also boost the functionality of the space.

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen? Get our kitchen remodeling service now! We are the best kitchen remodeling contractors with experience of over 25 years.


Bedrooms are the place where we decide to rest our heads.

If you are considering renovating your bedroom, it can instantly influence your mood. So, you will get quality sleep each night.

Expand your floor plan with the neighboring room, and remove a non-load-bearing wall. It will turn your bedroom into a master bedroom instantly.

Don’t forget to give the space a fresh coat of paint. You can add wall features such as space beams to match the new aesthetics. It is the perfect opportunity to tear down those tired wallpapers.

Plan Your Home Renovation With BTBT Home Renovators

There is a vast range of small home renovations at your disposal. It will add value and transform your home without overhauling your entire property.  

BTBT Home Renovators have an experienced team of design specialists available to help unlock your current home’s potential. Contact us today for a free in-house visit. We will help to find the right solution for your home.